Large Format Scanning Gauteng


The Art of Large-Format Scanning


While some document storage or processing service providers offer a scanning service, it does not mean that the end result will be clear and of a high quality. It is important to ensure that you select your service provider carefully. If you have large documents, drawings, and plans that need to be safely stored and easily accessed at any time, large-format scanning is the ultimate solution.


For many companies and organisations, large-format scanning is a difficult task. The correct equipment and machinery is required for this particular process and of course, the operator must know how to make effective use of the equipment in order to achieve a clear, high-quality scan that can be printed or clearly viewed on a computer. For many, the only option is to outsource their large-format scanning and that is where our team at Scan IT Africa offers an essential service. Large-format scanning is typically used for saving and storing blueprints, building plans, architectural drawings, engineering documentation, newspapers, photographs, large-format artwork, and similar.


At Scan IT Africa, we have the expertise and equipment to offer private individuals, companies, and even government departments high-quality and affordable scanning services. While we offer scanning services for all documentation sizes, we are the go-to service provider for companies looking for large-format scanning in Gauteng. We make it possible to archive oversized documents so that they do not take up space in your storage rooms, and make it easy for you can access, reference, and share copies of them digitally. The documents can be stored on a flash drive, external hard drive, computer, or in the cloud.


Effective Large-Format Scanning Requires the Right Equipment

Scan IT Africa is proud to be one of the very first document management companies to offer effective high-volume document scanning and large-format scanning in South Africa. In order to carry out our scanning services effectively, make use of microfilm scanners from Wicks & Wilson. These machines can scan large documents from 914 mm wide up to 20 m long. Our large-format scanning options include scanning to file or scanning to print.


We focus our services on the Gauteng area and have invested in the best quality document scanning technology and equipment available in the country. Our professional staff members will be able to assist with converting any type of data or images into a digital format for you.


To learn more about large-format scanning, we welcome you to contact us at Scan IT Africa via email or telephone today.