PDF Document Scanning


PDF Document Scanning Services and Products for a Various Applications in South Africa


Companies often require PDF document scanning services to ensure that the documents they send cannot be tampered with. Indeed, PDF format is one of the most secure types of electronic document delivery options.

At Scan IT Africa we have the resources and expertise to take care of all your scanning requirements. Many companies already make use of our services to reliably take care of all their needs. This does not only include microfiche, but also includes any and all scanning of documents. This could be a regular document that needs to be scanned, or bulk scanning needs that would devastate any company’s workflow if they were to attempt it on their own.


When to make use of PDF document scanning services:

  • - If you have a document that must be signed and returned without changes.
  • - If the document is a contract that must be signed, but still in paper format and it is urgent to get a signature.
  • - If using a courier to deliver the document and then return will take too long or will not be cost-effective.
  • -If you have architectural drawings that you need approved and want several parties to view the drawings.

The above are only a few instances for making use of PDF scanning facilities. You can invest in your own PDF scanning equipment, but if you are not going to use it on a daily basis, it certainly does not make sense to invest in such equipment and software, especially since we are here to assist.




Your company may be in the process of relocating and to minimise the risk of valuable documents being damaged or lost during relocation, you’ll want to create exact and secure PDF copies of the documents. The time it takes to convert these documents into a more secure form should be taken into consideration. Instead of using your own resources, such as electricity, equipment, time, and labour to perform the function, contact us at Scan IT Africa where we perform the function professionally, fast, and at an affordable price.


Book Conversion to PDF


If you have several books or reports that you want to convert into a secure electronic format to make available for download from the internet, you’ll also appreciate our professional and fast service delivery. Libraries, archives, government offices, lawyers, architects, educational institutions, writers, publishing houses, and corporate institutions benefit from this professional service.