The Leading Scanning Company in Gauteng


As one of the pioneers in the scanning industry, we entered the market at ground level, and have evolved with the changing needs of our customers, making us one of the leading scanning companies in Gauteng. Our product offerings cover the full spectrum of requirements, and since we only use the best equipment, the quality of our work surpasses most rivals.


The specialised scanning machines that make this quality possible are imported from the United Kingdom and are manufactured by Wicks and Wilson, who have been globally successful for more than thirty years. They are recognised as one of the best companies in the area of micrographics, and remain market leaders by constantly seeking innovative ways to better service the market. We have benefitted greatly from our association with this prestigious firm, and are now capable of converting any data or type of paper to a digital format that can be easily manipulated. Some of the scanning/converting which we are able to perform includes:


Roll Film Scanning

These are used to convert 16mm and 35mm film to digital format. The scanners we get from the UK are designed for occasional or frequent use, and will perform conversions of entire rolls of film in a matter of minutes, while allowing you to alter images without having to interrupt the process.


Microfiche Scanning

By using microphotography, it is possible to store lots of information on a relatively small area, which is then converted/read using a microfiche scanner. The images found on the storage cards cannot be read without the proper equipment because it is stored in a format twenty five times smaller than usual.

Despite being dated technology, there are still many users who prefer this method over more modern solutions. Libraries find them particularly useful when archiving large amounts of data, and should they ever decide to convert data to a digital format, it can be accomplished by a good scanning company at reasonable rates, which is why many customers prefer using our services because of our experience and the good name we have maintained in the industry.


Aperture Card Scanning

The digital age has meant many good technologies are no longer in use, however aperture cards have survived and are still widely used in the engineering field to store complex drawings that would normally require vast amounts of paper.


Cards are having holes punched into them, which is read by machines, and a microchip containing information linked to the holes. This chip contains images which have been reduced in size, but can still be read by people with the aid of magnification and a good light source, however, one the main reasons why they are still popular is their lifespan, which can be up to 500 years.


Due to our broad range of scanning services, we have become the company that many people in Gauteng turn to when they need expert advice regarding conversion, resulting in significant growth in our market share, allowing us to offer competitive rates to customers who choose us.