When to Outsource Scanning Services?


When should you consider outsourcing large volume document scanning projects? The answer is simple. If the resources, capital investment, personnel training and time value cost your company more than it would when an external professional scanning service company handles it, then it is best to outsource the project.


Some of the benefits of making use of the scanning services offered by an external company, such as Scan IT Africa, are briefly discussed below.


Eliminate the Need for Large Capital Investment


We have state-of-the art equipment, which if you have to purchase such for once-off document scanning projects, would simply not be cost-efficient for your firm. With our wide range of equipment, which includes from duplicating, processing, large format, paper, to microform scanning equipment, we can handle any size project. Whether you thus need to have the documents from a small office or multi-storey building scanned, we offer a cost-effective solution.


Latest and Most Advanced Equipment


Having to invest in the best equipment for every particular scanning project is a highly expensive endeavour. We already have all the equipment and because we are focussed on the delivery of large format and specialised scanning services, we regularly invest in the latest and most advanced technology to ensure best results and cost-savings, which we give through to the client.


No Need for Staff Training


Working with the equipment requires expertise and you will need to train your staff members regarding equipment safety, operation and maintenance. In addition, you will need to train them in the correct scanning procedures and database management unless you outsource the scanning projects.


Various Formats


We are able to store the scanned images in various formats, ranging from PDF to JPEG, TIFF and XML, to name but a few of the formats. As such, we offer you more options in document storage formats.


Dedicated Team


You will need to appoint a dedicated team to handle the scanning and this will add to your overheads. We already dedicate project teams to client specific bulk scanning requirements, ensuring a customised service that will save your company on labour overheads.


Electricity, Maintenance and Floor Space


Scanning the documents of a large project will mean piles of documents, effective monitoring and then of course, electricity, maintenance of equipment and ample floor space. Consider the cost per square metre of floor space rental, in addition to the high costs of electricity and equipment maintenance, and you will agree that it makes more sense to outsource your scanning requirements to the largest and most experienced scanning bureau in South Africa. So, be sure to call upon the experts at Scan IT and allow us to save your company both time and money.