Large Format Scanning

Scan IT Africa is proud to be one of the very first document management companies to offer effective high-volume document scanning and large-format scanning in South Africa


Book Scanning

Book scanning is a task that requires great care and attention to detail. We will ensure that your book is handled carefully and that, once scanned, it is meticulously checked for quality assurance.


Building Plan Scanning

Scanning of building plans in Gauteng can be useful and you can find such a professional service offered at Scan IT Africa.


Document Scanning

5 Top Benefits of Document Scanning


Document Scanning Company Gauteng

Are You Going Paperless? Choose our Top-class Document Scanning Company in Gauteng.


Scan to PDF with Efficiency and Ease!

Do you need to scan a large or small format document to PDF? If you have worked in the corporate or business environment for some time, you will have been exposed to PDF documents.


Wide Format Scanner

Don’t have your own wide format scanner? Let Scan IT Africa help you with your document management needs. Any company without a large format scanner at their disposal will not be able to...


PDF Document Scanning

PDF Document Scanning Services and Products for a Various Applications in South Africa. Companies often require PDF document scanning services to ensure that...


Document Management Solutions

We all know that if you run a busy office that has a lot of paperwork involved, the storage of documentation can become a challenge. It’s not...


What is Microfiche Scanning?

Microfiche scanning is the converting of larger bulk files into smaller, separate files. For instance, if you have large files that are in a JPEG, TIFF or PDF format, they are usually grouped together in files....


Why Choose Scan IT Africa for Book Scanning in Pretoria?

Scan IT Africa makes use of the very latest and most cutting-edge scanning technology available on the market today. We take great care to produce a high degree of accuracy and speed in all of our scanning projects...


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