The Benefits of Wide Format Scanning Services


The Benefits of Wide Format Scanning Services


Is your company currently using construction and building plans, floor plans, or maps and blueprints? Are you looking for a way to securely access, edit and store these oversized documents? Then we, at Scan IT Africa, can assist you by means of our specialised wide format scanning services.

As one of the first South African-based document management bureaus to offer high volume document scanning services, at Scan IT Africa, we are able to offer businesses, private and government organisations, as well as individuals throughout Gauteng, a wide range of document scanning services, which include wide format scanning.


Who Can Benefit from our Wide Format Scanning Services?


If you are in the architectural, building, engineering or printing industry, wide format scanning services can do wonders for your business. Playing a significant role in the production of high-quality graphics and images, our wide format scanning services are a way of copying larger images that would otherwise be impossible to duplicate.

What we offer is a convenient and practical scanning service that will not only help you to become more productive, but scanning your large format drawings, plans and documents can also play a vital role in ensuring that they are safe, secure and available over the long term, as well as easily accessible.

At Scan IT Africa, we are capable of scanning wide format drawings that are 914mm wide and 20m long, from architectural drawings and plans, blue print scanning, development applications, electrical, plumbing and service plans, to newspapers, engineering drawings, newspaper scanning, surveys, maps and photographs.

Using Wicks and Wilson Microfilm scanners, we can electronically convert any type of image or data required, including document scanning and indexing, microfilm scanning, wide format scanning and conversions. Whether you want us to scan-to-file, scan-to-print, or both, we are the right document management bureaus to assist you.


The Benefits of Scanning Services


Our wide format scanning services can offer you many benefits. First and foremost, all of your valuable oversized papers, documents and plans will be safely archived, and not only will you be saving on storage space, but you will also be preserving them for years to come. Secondly, your work environment will be much more productive, as your documents will literally be at your fingertips. Everything will either be stored on your server or PC, or secured on CDs and hard drives. No more misfiled documents from temps who have no idea what they are doing, as everything will be scanned and numbered accordingly. Furthermore, multiple users will have easy access to sharing these archived documents across your company network.

While going paperless is gaining widespread approval globally, the indispensable benefits of our wide format scanning services have proven beneficial for many industries throughout Gauteng. To learn more about our valued wide format scanning services, simply give us a call.