Three Good Reasons for Book Scanning


Are your books taking over your storage at your business or home? Do these books take up too much valuable space that can be used for something else? Do you want to free up some space while also protecting the contents and the integrity of these books? If yes, you should consider Scan IT Africa’s book-scanning service in Gauteng. We have the capability to scan all your books and documents into digital versions and to create a safe and easy way to store and access the information in these documents. We specialise in document and book scanning and are here to help you live or work in an environment that is not completely overwhelmed by paper, files, and books.


What is Book Scanning?


The process of scanning the contents of a physical book, document, or magazine, and converting it to a digital format with the use of an image scanner. There are a lot of advantages associated with document and book scanning. These include:

  1. Less storage needed: Because digital files are stored on a server or on a cloud storage system, they don’t take up any physical space in your home or office. Office space can be very expensive and space at home can be limited; converting paper to digital eliminates the need to pay for floor space that is used for storage of files or books. This saves money and allows you to make better use of the available space.
  2. Easy to access: While it can be difficult to locate specific content in a book, finding it in digital format is a doddle. Files are searchable, and not only will it be easy to locate the book you need, but also to locate the specific content within the book.
  3. Safe: If the office burns down or floods, your files and books can be damaged beyond repair, and this can cause a lot of inconvenience. It may even affect the way you do business! Unauthorised access can also be a problem, and in some cases, confidential information on paper may be visible to the wrong people. Storing digital formats on a separate server or the cloud will ensure that even if the entire office burns down, your information is safe. Passwords and encoding systems ensure that only authorised people have access to sensitive information, and these access levels can be set or changed instantly.


If you live in Pretoria, Johannesburg, or surrounds, why not contact our team at Scan IT Africa to do your document or book scanning in Gauteng? We look forward to hearing from you!