Digitise Your Books with Book Scanning Services

There is no person or business on planet earth that has not experienced the many benefits of book scanning technology. In fact, today, many new businesses and private organisations are converting their old and new book libraries to secure online PDF or Word versions. If you’re on the fence about going digital, then here are 2 excellent reasons why you should do it right away.


#1 Be Ready and Prepared for Any Disaster


What would you do if a flood or fire swept through your building and destroyed all of your rare and expensive books, magazines or drawings? Are you ready and prepared? Thought not! Just as it’s important to back up all of your valuable online documents, it’s just as important to back up all of your books, if not more. Books are precious and expensive, and if you want them to live forever, then you should digitise them through book scanning services. Book scanning is the process of converting physical books and magazines into digital media, such as images, electronic text or electronic books (eBooks) by using an image scanner. An excellent way to preserve history and secure valuables, book scanning services allow books to be preserved, so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. Additionally, not only will you be ready and prepared for any type of disaster, but you will also be saving on an enormous amount of prime real estate in your library, office or organisation. Two thousand eBooks weigh and take up the same physical space as one!


#2 Make File Sharing, Distribution and Reproduction Easy and Fast


Wouldn’t life be so much easier if everyone in your organisation had easy quick access to all those books, magazines or newspapers? Absolutely! Just imagine clicking the mouse, running a paragraph search and finding exactly what you’re looking for in as little as 5 seconds. Well, that is exactly where book scanning services can take you and your organisation. Topics, sections, words, phrases and images can easily be found with just a couple of mouse clicks. Not only does book scanning allow you to save space, as well as improve productivity, but you will also be saving money whilst simultaneously protecting your investment.


Get with the Paperless Revolution


The demand for digitisation is increasing day by day and as one of the first South African-based document management bureaus in South Africa, we can help you. Offering high-volume book scanning services in Gauteng, we’re able to offer businesses, organisations and private individuals wide-format scanning, conversions, document scanning, indexing and microfilm scanning. Apart from books, we can also scan different materials, such as architectural drawings, engineering drawings, newspapers and magazines, etc.

To learn more about our easy, convenient and affordable book scanning services, contact us today!