Building Plans Scanning


The Scanning of Building Plans

The scanning of documents does not only entail scanning normal A4 or A3 documents, but can also extend to scanning building plans. We all know that building plans can be drawn up on the computer, yet it is easier edited on microfilm. Architects draw the full plan on microfilm and will then have is scanned in 3-dimensional format onto a computer system where the client can then see what the building will look like in 3D..


Now it goes without saying that these scans cannot be done by a regular scanner and thus needs specialised scanning technology to successfully scan the building plans. This is where Scan IT Africa’s state of the art building plans scanning services enter the fray. We are committed to helping our clients meet all the demands and requirements of their industry. For many years we have been at the forefront of scanning technology in South Africa and continue to lead the way forward

Our clients include leading companies in South Africa such as Sasol and Eskom, which we have helped to implement time and money saving measures with regards to their document management services. Our experienced technicians will explain to you how our services can help your company to increase its efficiency and productivity through making use of our industry leading services. We don’t believe in a rigid service offering and will customise our approach to helping your company embrace paperless operation.

There is no more need to spend money on expensive building plan scanning services as we are not only competitively priced in our pricing, but work hard to offer our clients value for their money. If you would like to discuss any of our products or services in greater detail to learn how it can benefit your company, contact Scan IT Africa today.