Converting Paper Documents to Digital Documents


The Top Benefits of Converting Paper Documents to Digital Documents


Are you a company in Gauteng that is still spending thousands on ink, printers and paper? Over the past two decades, technology has evolved rapidly, and the era of spending thousands on paper and ink has almost come to an end. Did you know that converting paper documents to digital documents can provide a whole range of workplace benefits?


Digitising Saves You Money


As a business owner, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your business grow, but with today’s decline in economic growth, many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, and one good place to start is by going paperless. Do yourself a favour and add up your paper and ink expenses, once you see how much you’re spending, you’ll be shocked to learn how much money you’re throwing away. In fact, you’ll be saving thousands each month or year by digitising your business.


A Better Organised and Much More Efficient Office


Digital documents can be managed with greater ease than paper. Digitising your documents not only eliminates the need for hunting through pages upon pages in filing cabinets in order to find exactly what you’re looking for, but by converting paper documents to digital documents, you’ll also have quicker access to your data with just a few clicks. When your documents are scanned, they get converted into digital files where they can be stored onto your company server for easy access. Not only will your documents literally be a few clicks away, but your work environment will also be much more organised and much more efficient.


Safety and Security from Fire and Theft


Did you know that over 70% of businesses that have not gone paperless would fail if their documents were destroyed in a fire or lost due to theft? Eliminating the need for security locks, space and filing cabinets, converting paper documents to digital documents not only keeps your documents safe and secure from fire and theft, but it also allows you to preserve and archive your documents. From architectural drawings, blue prints, development plans, contracts, engineering drawings, newspapers, photographs and paintings, to service plans and maps – these valuable documents can finally be duplicated and safely preserved for years to come.

The demand for a paperless office is increasing day by day and as one of the first South African based document management bureaus in South Africa, we can help you. Offering high volume digital scanning in Gauteng, we’re able to offer businesses, organisations and private individuals a convenient and practical document scanning service that includes wide format scanning, conversions, document scanning, indexing and microfilm scanning. To learn more about our digital scanning services, contact us today!