Digital Scanning Gauteng


Digital Scanning in Gauteng – A Service That Can Help Your Business Save Money!


As a business owner in Gauteng, there is nothing more rewarding than watching your business grow and succeed. However, with today’s decline in economic growth, political uncertainty, ongoing load shedding, and increased inflation and interest rates, many businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, and one good place to start is with digital scanning!


Going Paperless Can Save You in the Tens of Thousands Each Year


While going paperless may seem like an insignificant way to cut costs, there is a wide range of benefits that comes with outsourcing your digital scanning in Gauteng. Firstly, while it may seem like you’re saving loads of money by investing in your own digital scanners – are you really? When you add up the employee training and the constant expense of maintenance and breakdowns, it’s quite easy to actually lose money instead of saving money. Do yourself a favour and take a minute to add up your paper and ink expenses, you will be amazed at the amount of money that you’re actually throwing away. Once you do the math, you’ll soon realise that outsourcing your digital scanning in Gauteng can actually save you in the tens of thousands each year.


Digital Scanning Can Help Protect and Preserve Your Important Documents

One of the most valuable benefits of going paperless with digital scanning is the ability to archive oversized documents that take up unnecessary space. From architectural drawings, development plans, blue prints, engineering drawings, newspapers, surveys, maps and photographs, to service plans – these valuable oversized documents can finally be duplicated and safely preserved for years to come. Once scanned, documents are converted into digital files, where they can be saved, stored and loaded onto your company server for easy access. Not only will your documents literally be at your fingertips, but your work environment will be much more productive.


About Scan IT Africa


As one of the first South African based document management bureaus to offer high volume digital scanning in Gauteng, we’re able to offer businesses, organisations and private individuals convenient and practical document scanning services, which include wide format scanning and conversions, document scanning, indexing and microfilm scanning. Using Wicks and Wilson Microfilm scanners, we can convert any type of data, which will not only help your business to save money and become more productive, but our digital scanning services will also ensure that your documents are safe, secure and easily accessible at all times.


If you’re a business in Gauteng looking to cut costs, preserve important documents and protect the environment, then there is no better time than now to go paperless. To learn more about our digital scanning services in Gauteng, contact us today!