Document Scanning


5 Top Benefits of Document Scanning

Modern technology has opened so many doors for us, and document storage is no exception. Document scanning now allows companies that are typically paper heavy (such as healthcare professionals, regulatory bodies, planning offices, architects, graphic designers, legal firms, and many more) to digitise their documents instead of keeping paper copies. There are many advantages of document scanning versus keeping paper copies, and these include:

  • Cost savings on storage: Because all companies are usually looking for ways in which to save money, being able to reduce their storage space or using storage for other purposes can be very effective. Office space is often very expensive, and every square metre used for storage is potentially a waste of money. Document scanning allows the digital versions of the documents to be stored online or on a cloud system, so the old paper copies can be destroyed or moved off site to a less expensive storage solution. This helps to save money on additional storage space for paper.
  • Easy to search: Because digitising documents allows us to store it in folders that are categorised, they are easy to search. This means that it is a lot easier to find a particular document in digital form, instead of wading through reams of boxes, files and paper.
  • Access control: Digital information can be set up with various access levels and this ensures that only the right people have access to certain documents. Because access can be controlled, it makes confidentiality procedures more reliable and keeps documents more secure.
  • Sharing capability: In situations where different offices around the country or the world have to share particular pieces of information, working on paper can be extremely inconvenient. Document scanning allows for the documents to be available online to everyone who needs access to them, regardless of where they are in the world. The documents can easily be emailed or kept on a central internal server to which all the branches have access for easy document sharing.
  • Better security: Paper copies can be damaged by flooding and fires, and may even be stolen. Digitising files and storing them offsite or on cloud storage ensures that they cannot be damaged, and setting up security measures ensures that there is no unauthorised access to these documents.


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