Document Scanning Gauteng


Improve Your Bottom Line with Document Scanning in Gauteng

Document scanning is the practice of electronically scanning paper documents to convert them into digital files. Once scanned, these digital files are saved, stored and backed up onto your network drive. While there are many businesses in Gauteng who have caught on to the benefits of outsourcing document scanning, there are still many businesses that think it is not significant to their bottom line, but that could not be further from the truth and here is why!


Saves Your Business Money and Time

While it may seem affordable to purchase all those overpriced high quality scanners, it is not really as cost effective as you think. With all the employee training involved paired with the costs of breakdowns, many businesses have claimed to have lost money. Furthermore, if you are still practicing old school filing methods, are you even aware of how much money your business is spending on paper each year? Take a few minutes to examine your stationery account and you will be shocked to learn that you are throwing your money away. Depending on the size of your business, a paperless office can actually save you in the tens of thousands each year, not to mention your ink account!


Saves Your Business Time

Every business knows that time is money and by outsourcing document scanning in Gauteng, your business will be saving on both. There is really no need to pull employees from their daily duties to scan documents or physically file them in massive cabinets in an alphabetical order. If you just take a moment to think about it, you will see you are wasting valuable time that could have been put to better business use.


About Scan IT Africa

As one of the first South African-based document management bureaus to offer high volume document scanning in Gauteng, we are able to offer businesses, organisations and individuals a wide range of document scanning services. Using Wicks and Wilson Microfilm scanners, we are able to convert any type of data. What we offer is a convenient and practical document scanning service that will not only help your business become more productive, but our scanning services ensure that your documents are safe, secure and easily accessible.

Regardless of your industry type or size, outsourcing document scanning services in Gauteng can be of great benefit for recovering loss, supporting the environment, improving productivity and customer service, and achieving greater efficiency without having to invest thousands in equipment, paper, ink, and time. To learn more about our document scanning services in Gauteng, simply give us a call.