The Importance of PDF Document Scanning


Is your business drowning in paper? Do you wish that the amount of paper around you could be reduced to a size that is at least manageable? Are you spending money on extra storage that could be used better? Are paper files taking over the office space? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider PDF document scanning.

The PDF document format first arrived around 1993, and at that stage it, was very difficult to share documents between different users and a variety of operating systems. The idea behind the development of this format was to enable the sharing of documents between different systems while retaining its format. Since then, the format has grown into the most popular one for original documents. PDF document scanning is now used all over the world, and there are many reasons why it has become so popular.


Five Reasons to Use PDF Document Scanning

  1. Maintained format: The main problem with sharing and maintaining documents in different formats is that it is not always possible to open all the documents. PDF ensures that the format of the document remains intact in its original form and can be interpreted by many different operating systems. PDF retains the format regardless of the operating system and maintains fidelity. This means that you can send or present the document exactly in a format everyone can relate to.
  2. Ubiquitous format: PDF document scanning is so popular because it is easy to share and view. Think about a paper document – how many people at any one time can view the contents of the document? With paper, only one. With a PDF document, many people can.
  3. Small size: Documents converted via PDF document scanning can be compressed to take up limited space, which means that they are easier to send via email or store on your computer. Other formats tend to be a lot bigger, especially when it comes to graphics.
  4. Password-protected: PDFs are easy to protect with a password and as a result, it is easy to send confidential documents without the concern of unauthorised access.
  5. Compatibility: Because PDF document scanning allows your documents to be viewable on any operating system, it is one of the best formats to store your documents. Regardless of what is being released on the market today, PDF formats have built up a solid reputation that will ensure that whatever you store if PDF format today will still be readable in future document format developments.


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