Document scanning services & solutions – the key to bettering your bottom line

It’s the 21st century and considering the wide accessibility of digital technology today, one has to ask why we’re still spending thousands on printing, when we know that paper manufacturing leads to mass deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions. With today’s decline in economic growth, money is tight and not only are we supporting the destruction of our planet, but we’re also throwing good money away. Fortunately, many wise businesses and organisations around South Africa have realised that if they want to both save money and support the environment, then they have to update and streamline outdated practices, starting with printing.


Saves Money, Saves Time and Boosts Productivity  


Considered as one of the greatest expenses facing any type of business or private organisation, did you know that printing costs can easily add up to 3% of monthly revenue? Cash is King and with costs and archaic systems playing such a critical part of the puzzle, if your document management solutions still involve outdated manila files and filing cabinets, then you’re hurting your bottom line. Regardless of size or industry, not only can document scanning be of great benefit for boosting productivity and even bettering customer service, but it can also save your business plenty of money.


If you’re a business in Gauteng still living in the dark ages, then there is no better time than now to make a change and reap the numerous benefits of our document management services at Scan IT Africa. Founded in 2001, we were one of the first South African based document management bureaus to offer a wide range of services and solutions to businesses and private organisations throughout Gauteng. Using Wicks and Wilson scanners that include aperture card scanners, document scanners, microfiche scanners, microfilm scanners, and rollfilm scanners, our document scanning services include the following:

  • - Document Scanning and Indexing – an image scanner that optically scans images and printed text, and converts it to a digital image.
  • - Microfilm Scanning – our microfilm scanners are capable of handling everything from cheques and blueprints, to newspapers and maps, and can also reduce images to about one twenty-fifth of the original document size.
  • - Wide Format Scanning and Conversions – our wide format scanners are capable of scanning drawings that are as wide as 914mm and as long as 20m, and then converting them to A4, A5 and so on.


While going paperless is slowly gaining widespread national recognition and approval, the benefits cannot be emphasised more. If you’re interested in bettering your bottom line, then do your businesses a favour and turn to our document scanning services and solutions at Scan It Africa.