How to Get the Most Out of Full-colour Scanning


It is debatable whether the full-colour scanning is a better alternative to black and white scanning, at least in some cases. At Scan IT Africa, we believe that there are many advantages of scanning in full colour, which is why we offer high-quality and high-volume scanning in full colour. Here are four reasons why full-colour scanning is the best option for your business, or for your personal scanning needs:

  1. Organising Assistant

    Not only can full-colour scanning make important parts of your document stand out, but it also serves as a method of categorising data by colour. Not only do you save paper, staples, and paperclips, but colour scanning categorises your files, while using less storage space. Modern-day computers have more storage space, and this frees up office space, proving it environmentally responsible to scan documents and store them digitally. Full-colour scanning thus makes it easy, quick, and effortless to find your desired material.

  3. Differences in Characteristics

    While some think otherwise, full-colour scanning is becoming more cost-effective, while it is more vibrant, eye catching, and with a higher tonal value than printing or scanning in black and white. Colour scanning will also provide more precise results, particularly on serif fonts and lines, and on hand-written, shaded, or degraded documents. This method of scanning produces a more professional and organised document than black and white scanning or printing, making sure your company looks just as professional as it is supposed to.

  5. Supreme Standards

    Full-colour scanning has the benefit of enhancing the quality of the document by preserving the colour, and not having to concern oneself with a printed copy, of which the ink fades over time. This gives you a document in the same condition than the original. Our state-of-the-art scanners produce the best possible image quality, especially when using full colour, and provides a product that is virtually of the same quality as the original document.

  7. Scanning Multiple Formats


This versatile scanning service encompasses numerous formats. Whether you need a pdf, book, or any other format of document, it can be done in full colour. We can scan various documents from various sources or formats to produce the best outcome.

At Scan IT Africa, our mission is to use the best technology and to have the best quality results for your company at affordable prices. If you are situated in Gauteng, contact us at for more information, so we can help your business succeed, one scan at a time.