Reasons to Scan Documents in Full Colour


Do you need to scan a variety of documents from various sources? Do you wonder what settings will produce the best quality?  These questions are asked every day by companies seeking scanning services for all their important documents.

Scanning documents in full colours, however, is not typically viewed as an important matter, because will it really make such a big difference whether you scan in colour or in black and white? Yes, it will make a huge difference. Plus, today’s computers are not only faster, but have more storage space, allowing you to save bigger documents.


Quality is Key


Colour provides much higher quality when you have to view the document in a management system. After a document is archived for future review, there is no need to worry that the ink may fade over time. Once a full colour scan is done, you will always have a copy easily available that may even be in a better condition than the original document.


It’s All in the Details


Colour settings will typically pick up much greater subtleties during the scanning process than black and white, such as full details on lines, shaded areas and hand printed data that may have been written by a coloured pen.


Sharpen the Memory


Many people, especially those who are highly organised, prefer to use colour as a way to mark or highlight certain details. By scanning such a document in full colour, it will make things much easier for you to find the right information you are looking for in a shorter period of time.


Get More Visual


When choosing the settings to scan a document, consider selecting colour over black and white as it provides a richer, more vibrant and accurate set of documents.

As the “paperless” office slowly becomes a reality, digital documents that retain their original colour scheme provides many benefits over lower quality black and white images. Call us if you are looking for the best full colour scanning services readily available on the market today.