Full Colour Scanning

Quality Full Colour Scanning is Important to Your Company’s Image


How your business is presented to your target audience, existing clients and even suppliers is vitally important. Business image is everything and if your printed or even digital documents look tatty, outdated or of an inferior quality, you’re going to lose respect in the business world.

Think about sending a company brochure to clients via email. You will want the document to be crystal clear and of the utmost best quality. Imagine you have company plans, photographs and various other important documents that are in full colour and need them copied, reprinted, or even saved and stored for use at a later date. It’s not going to help to have a black and white photocopy. You’re going to want to arrange full colour scanning to ensure that you have the best possible end result for both printing and digital use.  


If you want to handle your own full colour scanning, we strongly suggest that you consider investing in a top-quality scanner. At Scan IT Africa, we present a range of Wicks & Wilson scanners to the market. With these, you can expect exceptional full colour scanning results. Investing in inferior quality scanners and printers will merely leave you with a poor quality end result – only the best scanners and printers will do for you and your business.


For some companies, buying a full colour printer is not practical or affordable. If a scanner is out of budget or you don’t scan documents often enough to warrant the financial spend, opting for professional outsourced scanning services is the answer. At Scan IT Africa, this is precisely the service that we have to offer. We can scan, copy, print and store both large and small scale documents in full colour. We can provide you the scanned media on a storage device, email it to you or even print it for you as required – you let us know what type of service you require and we will endeavour to cater to your needs effectively.


Whether you are scanning a document, hand written text, photographs, plans or similar, we will ensure that you are provided with a cost-effective solution to all of your full colour scanning needs and requirements. Take the time to contact us at Scan IT Africa, in order to discuss what you need. We are available via email and telephone, and look forward to providing you with an affordable full colour scanning service.