5 Benefits of Document Scanning for your Business


Businesses should always be looking for opportunities to become more efficient and reduce costs. One simple way of doing this is turning your paper documents to a digital format. Document scanning is an efficient option for businesses for a wide variety of reasons. Here are just five examples:


Free Up Space


Scanning large documents rather than printing them can transform your office, reducing the amount of paperwork and unnecessary filing cabinets. The amount of office space freed up by digitising your documents can be significant, and the information stored on one hard drive alone can replace more than 30 filing cabinets. Consequently, office space is freed up and can be utilised in new and more effective ways. Businesses can re-use their office space for staff to focus on more profitable and core business activities. Large format scanning even allows for the digitising of inconveniently large documents, such as plans and maps.


New on The Block


With all this new open space available, you might even be able to move to a smaller office and benefit from lower rental costs. Employees will enjoy their uncluttered new office space and productivity will be boosted. With improved working conditions, more space and a less cluttered office environment, staff will be happier and more motivated.


Secure Document Storage


Data security and protection is a key issue for businesses to consider. There is a greater risk of large paper documents being damaged, stolen, or lost through fire, flood, theft, or other disasters. When you digitise your document format, it improves security, peace of mind and data protection compliance for the business. Scanned documents can be securely stored in an online document management system, with security access at a user or role level.


Think of Longevity


Documents that have been scanned and then formatted digitally will last a long time. Large-format scanning will ensure that even large documents will not deteriorate over time, as is often the case when large paper documents are going through different pairs of hands.


Environmentally Friendly


In an increasingly environmentally friendly age, scanning all your large documents helps a business move towards having a completely paperless office. For offices that have always relied on a great deal of paperwork, ”going paperless” can be very dramatic, but also very helpful in terms of the overall running of a business.

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