Choose Scan IT Africa as Your Large Format Scanning Provider


Large Format Scanning


Are you looking for a way to preserve, store and safely access all your large drawings and documents? At Scan IT Africa, we are able to offer businesses, private and government organisations, as well as individuals throughout Gauteng a wide selection of document scanning services that includes large format scanning.

Probably the greatest benefit of large format scanning is the ability to archive oversized documents that take up unnecessary space, and by scanning them you can have an electronic copy that can be stored on a hard drive and accessed quickly at any time. Furthermore, digitally storing all of your large format prints will ensure that they are effectively backed-up and safe from all the elements.


The Latest Large Format Scanning Equipment


As one of the first South African-based document management bureaus to offer high volume document and large format scanning services in Gauteng, we have invested in the latest document scanning technology and have a team of trained scanning staff who are able to convert any type of image or data. At Scan IT Africa, we are capable of scanning large drawings from 914mm wide to 20m long that range from architectural drawings, blue prints, building plans, construction drawings, development applications, documents, engineering drawings, maps, newspapers, photographs and utility plans to electrical, plumbing and service plans.

Using Wicks and Wilson Microfilm scanners, we can electronically convert any type of image – from document scanning and indexing, microfilm scanning to wide format scanning. Whether you want us to scan-to-file, scan-to-print or both, we are the right document management bureaus with the latest large format scanning equipment to assist you.


Save Money and Time


Nowadays, with everything and everyone online and with offices getting much smaller than before, it is quite hard to rationalise throwing money away on both an extra room for filing cabinets and salaries to pay a filing administrator. Regardless of your industry type or size, outsourcing large format scanning in Gauteng can be of great benefit for improving productivity and customer service, recovering loss and achieving greater efficiency without having to invest thousands in equipment, paper, ink, time and an additional salary.

Scan IT Africa offer a convenient and practical large format scanning service that will not only help your business become more productive, but our scanning services will ensure that your drawings, prints and documents are safe, secure and easily accessible. To learn more about our document and large format scanning services in Gauteng, simply give us a call today!