Professional Large Format Scanning for your Company


Large format scanning poses many problems to companies who have a need for this service, but don’t have the infrastructure to properly take care of it. It is also a big problem since many of these large documents that need to be scanned are of big importance to the company. This is normally the case when these drawing or images are of architectural nature.


There are also instances when educators in schools need to condense a large poster in order to fit it onto an A4 sized worksheet for students, which can result in a real problem. These are only a few of the examples where the challenges associated with large format scanning can lead to limitations in industry and education. Most scanners are equipped only for A4 or even A3 sized documents, and oftentimes larger documents are simply too large to be serviced by these scanners.


Purchasing a large document scanner often is just not on the cards for a company, since the expense is simply too great or can’t be justified. This is especially true of companies who don’t have a need to scan such large documents on a daily basis. This is where the companies that offer large format scanning come in. They offer a service that is otherwise unavailable to most companies in South Africa.

Large format scanning is the process whereby overly sized documents are scanned onto a computer and converted into PDF or TIFF formats so that they can be saved on a computer system. In the architectural industry most building plans are constructed or drawn up on computer, however there are still those individuals that still prefer to draw the plan organically out by hand and then load it onto the system in order to get a better idea of what their client wants and to show the client what to expect.

This also makes it easier for the construction team to see exactly what is going on with the blue print. In the case where the designer first draws up the plans by hand and then transfers it to computer, large format scanning will form an integral part of this process.


Some architects may opt to redraw the plan completely onto the system and others draw up the plans manually so accurately that it can be scanned into PDF format onto the computer with no redrawing is needed. In cases where there is renovation on an extremely old building where the original plans were drawn up by hand, architects will turn to large format scanning in order to convert these drawings into PDF or TIFF so that they can be saved and viewed on computer.


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