Scanning Documents


Why You Should Scan Documents Instead of Keeping Paper Copies


It is now more important than ever for businesses to find opportunities to reduce costs and become more efficient. One of the best ways of doing this is to convert all paper documents to a digital format. This is particularly beneficial for companies that have to store masses of documents for long periods. Businesses such as legal firms, healthcare practices, regulatory bodies, planning offices and architects are legally bound to keep all their documents on file, sometimes for indefinite periods.


This means that paper volumes continues to grow, and in the end it can be very difficult to locate a particular file, and expensive to store all the paper files. Many storage rooms are needed, and in business, every square inch of office space is precious, and using this for storage often seems like a waste of money.

Modern technology now allows us to scan these documents into digital format, and therefore many firms choose to scan documents in Gauteng – because storage space is so expensive. There are other benefits associated with the digitisation of documents:

  • More space: Because space is precious, digitising your documents will allow you to store your information on a cloud service or a server. This means that you can either increase your office capacity or reduce your office rental by using less space.
  • More secure storage: If you scan documents in Gauteng and store them off site or on a server, you can vastly improve the security of these documents. No more worries about files being stolen or damaged by floods or fire.
  • Easy access: Because document storage systems are set up to make these documents searchable, they can be easily located. Compare wading through a room of paper files with an index card in your hand to typing in a word on your computer storage system to find a file – it is just so much easier!
  • Convenient sharing: Digitisation of documents allows them to be shared across platforms and countries – if your company has an overseas office, it is no longer necessary to fax or courier documents, they can be instantly shared via email or directly accessed through the storage system. User access can also be set up to have different security levels, giving only the authorised people access to the documents they will need. This protects against unauthorised access of confidential documents.


If you want to scan documents in Gauteng, contact our offices at Scan IT Africa today. We are used to dealing with large volumes of documents, and we scan all your information in a confidential and efficient manner. Call our team today.