Scanning Large Documents


How Scanning Large Documents Can Benefit Your Business


If you’re in the architectural, construction, engineering, design or manufacturing industry and are still storing your large documents in those old-fashioned folders, then chances are that you’re not only throwing money away, but your office is also drowning in a sea of paper.  It’s the 21st century and we’ve entered into the age of digitisation, which means the days of storing paper are long gone – if your office is still stuck in the ‘90s then there’s no better time than now to move over to digital document scanning and reap the many rewards that so many modern businesses are enjoying.


What is Large Document Scanning?


Scanning large documents is the practice of electronically scanning and converting those supersized large documents, such as paper drawings, architectural drawings, development plans, blue prints, engineering drawings, newspapers, surveys, maps, medical records, photographs and service plans into digital files. Once these documents are converted into digital files, they are then saved, stored and backed up onto your company server.


Saves You Time and Storage Space


An unavoidable necessity due to the ever-growing need for space and security, the greatest benefit of scanning large documents is the ability to archive oversized documents without taking up unnecessary space. Scanning your large documents will lessen the need for storage space, which means that you can turn that alphabetical old-school filing room into an extra office. Furthermore, not only will you save space, but you’ll also find that your office will become much more productive. Every successful entrepreneur knows that time is money and by scanning your blue prints, maps or plans, you can have an electronic copy that can be quickly accessed at any time.


Protects and Preserves Your Important Data

One of the most valuable benefits of going paperless with large format scanning is the ability to preserve important documents for years to come. Digitally scanning large documents will ensure that they will be effectively backed-up and safe from wear and tear. Additionally, by scanning and converting your documents into electronic files, you will also ensure that your company is not only compliant, but also safe from fire and theft.


About Scan IT Africa


As one of the first South African based document management bureaus to offer high volume digital scanning in Gauteng, we offer services that range from wide format scanning, conversions and mass document scanning, to indexing and microfilm scanning. Using Wicks and Wilson Microfilm scanners, we can convert any type of data, which will not only help your business save space, money and time, but our digital scanning services will also ensure that your documents are safe, secure and easily accessible at all times. To learn more about our large document scanning services, contact us today!