Scan to PDF with Efficiency and Ease!


Do you need to scan a large or small format document to PDF? If you have worked in the corporate or business environment for some time, you will have been exposed to PDF documents. This is a digital format document that is considered most secure. The document, once in PDF format, simply cannot be tampered with. The details cannot be changed. As such, it is a reliable way to send sensitive information, digital agreements, contracts and similar. It’s also a great way to prevent your hard work from simply being copied and pasted or reproduced. PDFs are also easily saved and digitally sent in small format. PDF has undoubtedly brought a wealth of convenience to many businesses.


Of course, in some instances, the task of converting or scanning documents to PDF can be challenging if you don’t have your own equipment. You might be trying to capture old records into digital format, so that you can make physical space in your storage facilities, or you might be trying to ensure that you have safe and secure backups of sensitive documentation, just in case something happens. Regardless of your reasons for needing to scan to PDF, it’s important to use the right equipment and have someone available with the time and patient to ensure that each document is clearly scanned, labelled correctly and converted to PDF format. This is why most entities in South Africa turn to Scan IT Africa.


At Scan IT Africa, we have many years of experience in the industry. We have helped hundreds – actually thousands of businesses keep up with their scanning and document conversions for many years now. With our assistance, the comfortable workflow in your busy office does not need to be negatively affected by the time that it can take to scan and save everything as required.

We make use of top-notch scanning equipment and provide you with your newly created PDFs in digital format. We don’t only offer this service for converting normal documents to PDF, but also large format documents, such as architectural drawings, plans and similar.


If you need to scan to PDF with ease and efficiency, turn to our team at Scan IT Africa. We will ensure that all of your document scanning and reproducing needs are handled accurately and on time. For more information and advice on how we can assist you, contact us via email or telephone, and chat to one of our friendly consultants today.