Scanning Large Documents


How Scanning Large Documents is Made Easy!

If your business deal with architectural plans, building concepts, and construction layouts, you will probably be looking for a way to store these documents securely. Everybody knows that storage costs money, and storing your large documents in paper format can take up a lot of space. Not only does this eat into your bottom line and add to rental costs, but it also provides little security against loss. They can be damaged by floods and fires, and unauthorised access can cause confidential information to end up in the public domain. In addition to this, finding a document can be a huge problem when wading through boxes and reams of paper in a storage facility, even in the unlikely event that it is indexed properly! This is why you should strongly consider scanning large documents to digital format with the help of Scan IT Africa.


If you run any business that requires large drawings or print copies, such as an architectural or engineering concern, you will know that the law requires you to store these documents for a long time. High-resolution wide-format scanning renders drawings and large documents that are clear and easy to read or analyse when printed.


We deal with the scanning of large documents, which not only helps your business to effectively manage physical storage requirements, but also keeps your documents safe. We can scan documents of many different sizes, up to 914 mm wide and 20 m long, and this puts you in a unique position where you do not have to worry about paper files and storage space anymore.


Scanning large documents allows you to store your information in various places to ensure that it is safe and protected from unauthorised access. Often cloud services are used, which means that the data is stored remotely and not on the actual server, and this in turn means that during a fire, flood, or other disaster your scanned documents are protected from potential damage. When you have to find the documents you are looking for, it is easy to search for them on the system. Different levels of access can also be set to allow only certain people access to the document, preventing unauthorised access to confidential or private documents.


Scanning large documents holds many advantages – from savings on storage space, to safety, security and ease of location. If you would like to find out more about our services, please call our team at Scan IT Africa today.