Scanning Solutions Gauteng


An Eco-friendly Scanning Solution in Gauteng that Can Save You Money and Time


In these tough economic times, many businesses are going paperless. The days of spending thousands on ink, printers and paper each month are slowly reaching their end. While there are many businesses in Gauteng who have caught on to the benefits of outsourcing document scanning, there are still many businesses that think that it’s not significant to their bottom line, but this is far from the truth.


What is Scanning?


Scanning is the process of electronically scanning paper documents, which can range from architectural drawings, development plans, blue prints, engineering drawings, newspapers, surveys and maps, to photographs and service plans. Once scanned, these documents are then converted into digital files where they can be saved, stored and backed up on a hard drive, in cloud storage or on your company server.


The Benefits


While going ink and paperless is gaining widespread global recognition and approval, the benefits of document scanning cannot be emphasised more. Firstly, every successful business knows that time is money and as a business who has limited time, the value of convenience is more than significant to your bottom line. Secondly, regardless of your industry type or size, going paperless can actually save you in the tens of thousands each year. Thirdly, one of the most valuable benefits of scanning is the ability to archive oversized documents that take up unnecessary space. And last but not least, you’ll be doing the environment a huge favour. Did you know that 10 million pieces of white paper are equivalent to 2 500 trees!


About Scan IT Africa


At Scan IT Africa, we’re one of the first South African-based document management bureaus to offer a wide range of high volume scanning solutions in Gauteng. Using Wicks and Wilson microfilm scanners, our scanning solutions range from wide format scanning and conversions, document scanning and indexing, to microfilm scanning! At Scan IT Africa, we’re more than committed to service excellence and offer superior quality scanning solutions that will never compromise your business standards and archiving needs.


If you’re a business in Gauteng still wasting valuable time and money on paper, ink and filing, then there is no better time than now to make a change and reap the numerous benefits of our scanning solutions in Gauteng. From improved customer service and contributing to the planet’s future, to achieving greater efficiency without having to invest in ink, paper, printers, software, time and extra wages for filing – our scanning solutions in Gauteng will ensure that your documents are effectively backed-up and safe from all of the elements. To learn more about our scanning solutions in Gauteng – simply give us a call!