What is Microfiche Scanning?


Microfiche scanning is the converting of larger bulk files into smaller, separate files. For instance, if you have large files that are in a JPEG, TIFF or PDF format, they are usually grouped together in files. When scanned via microfiche scanning, they are broken down into separate files for separate printing. To achieve this, you will need a special type of scanner. These scanners are not cheap and many businesses are not able to benefit from this technology because of the price tag that comes with investing in this scanner.


There is an alternative, which allows your business to benefit from microfiche scanning technology without breaking the bank. You can opt for a company that specialises in scanning of many different documents and have the resources to complete all your requirements in the fastest and most economical way possible.

At Scan IT Africa we have the resources and expertise to take care of all your scanning requirements. Many companies already make use of our services to reliably take care of all their needs. This does not only include microfiche, but also includes any and all scanning of documents. This could be a regular document that needs to be scanned, or bulk scanning needs that would devastate any company’s workflow if they were to attempt it on their own.


Effective and Affordable Scanning Services from Scan IT


Our services also include digital scanning services, as well as scanning of blue prints, large and microfilm scanning. As our name suggests, Scan IT Africa specialises in all manners of scanning and we have the right equipment and technology as well as suitably qualified staff to take care of all your scanning needs.

Different types of scanning require different types of scanners, and we have the solutions for all your business needs. This is why Scan IT Africa is the biggest name in scanning in South Africa, and why we continue to lead our industry in excellence.


Whether you are looking to convert to a paperless office environment and need to scan all your documents onto your system, or you are looking to do some microfiche scanning, Scan IT Africa has all the means to do it for you. If you are worried about handing over confidential files to have them scanned, we sign a confidentiality clause with all our clients which seeks to reassure you that all your confidential documents will be kept safe at all times.


We take the greatest care in ensuring that all documents are safe. Contact Scan IT Africa to learn more about our microfiche scanning solutions and how it can benefit your business.