Wide Format Scanner


Looking for a Wide-Format Scanner?


Most offices nowadays are highly focussed on preventing waste and reducing the amount of paper that is used in the office, and we have started to read an increasing number of documents on screen rather than printing them out. Not only is this cheaper and kinder to the environment, but it also makes the transfer of information a lot easier.


Storage of paper files can also be very expensive and cumbersome to manage, and paper files are subject to all sorts of damage, deterioration, theft, and other problems in the long run. Often companies are required to keep records of their documentation for long periods of time. Among these are legal firms, architectural companies, and planning offices. By law, these physical records must remain accessible for decades.


The solution is to scan your paper documents to a digital format and to store them on a server or a cloud service. Not only does it make these documents easier to reach, but it also provides the perfect environment for them to remain safe and secure. For instance, with paper documents, a flood can severely damage valuable documents and a fire can incinerate all the documents in a storage room within minutes.


Storage in digital format allows companies to keep their files safe from damage. Paper documents’ security can also be a problem and sometimes unauthorised access or removal of documents may occur. In a digital format, security levels and passwords can be set in order to provide access to the documentation by only certain people, and this helps to keep information confidential and secure.


In the usual office or home environment, it is easy to scan documents to digital formats, but when it comes to larger documents such as plans, sketches, art, or other larger-than-normal formats, a wide-format scanner is required. Not all businesses want to invest in a wide-format scanner purely for the scanning of the occasional oversized document, and this is where Scan IT Africa comes in!


We specialise in the fast and efficient scanning of documents and we have a range of outstanding wide-format scanners that we can use to scan all your large-format documents. With us, you can be assured of clear, high-quality scans and you will have the added benefits of storing both your regular and wide-format documents in a safe and secure way, while still providing reliable access to these digital documents to the people who need them most. Give our team a call today to find out more.