A Versatile Document Scanning Service


When customers choose us to meet their scanning requirements, they do so with the assurance that we are market leaders in the field. We were among the first South African companies to offer this kind service, and as result we can draw on a wealth of experience that not only covers the technical aspects of document scanning, but also includes an intimate of the South African market.


Quality and Quantity

Most businesses have at least two or three scanners, which are generally part of multi-function machines, and while these suffice when scanning conventional documents, they definitely cannot handle the specialised work we routinely do, added to this is the volume of work we can get through in a short time, outstripping that of an ordinary scanner. This is why we are the logical choice for any specialised bulk scanning, and are secure in our position as one of the best in the business, due to our belief that we should never rest on our laurels, instead we aim to keep abreast of all new technological advancements.


Our scanning machines are manufactured by renowned companies like Kodak and Canon, who have been supplying companies, all around the world, with high quality equipment, which is suitable for use in situations that require the high level of technical capability which we offer. Despite having headquarters abroad, they offer excellent after sales service through their distributors in South Africa, with whom we have a long standing relationship and are always happy to offer assistance, when necessary.

The recent relocation to new premises promises to significantly increase our possible output levels and customers need not worry about getting in touch, as we have kept our original telephone and fax numbers. This modern facility has been designed to be as eco-friendly as possible and was made financially viable by the fact that we are now part of the Crowley group, which is a large and successful concern.


Benefits Afforded by Document Scanning Services

While there are still companies who rely on fax machines for the immediate sending of documents, they are restrictive in terms of their functionality. A document scanner creates an image of whatever has been placed on the relevant surface, including typed or hand written pages and even objects, which fit, pose no problems.


Images may then be sent via email to any number recipients, which means that paper wastage is drastically reduced, while offering users much more creative flexibility when putting together documents; our scanners also come with an auto-feed function that allows work to proceed unsupervised while performing scans at rate of three thousand per day, without any risk of exceeding the performance specifications laid down by manufacturers.


At Scan IT, we look set to continue the trend of remaining front runners in the provision of document scanning services because aside from using excellent tools, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and provide our customers with cutting edge solutions that will streamline their operations and make them more efficient.