Why You Should Do Digital Scanning of Your Documents


Many established businesses are faced with the challenge of storing vast numbers of documents in paper form. As technology moved forward, more files are scanned and storage requirements change. This means that even though the newer documents are usually scanned and stored digitally, there is still a lot of older paper documents that require extra space and arduous administration. If your business is based in Gauteng, our digital scanning operation in Pretoria provide you with the ideal opportunity to scan all your documents and files to digital format, and to keep these safe for decades without having to fork out for large storage facilities housing heaps of paper documents. There are various advantages to storing documents in digital format, and this is why we provide a digital scanning service in Pretoria.


Advantages of Digital Scanning

  • Save money: Because digital files are easy to store on a server or a cloud service, you can save a lot of money if you do away with your paper files. Office space is charged by the square metre, and even a relatively small storeroom can set you back a lot of money every year. In fact, even a bookshelf can cost more than you anticipate! Digital storing is a lot cheaper and allows you to use your office space in a more practical manner.


  • Safer: Because buildings are always subject to dangers such as fire, theft, floods, and other risks, it is best to store your documents off site in digital format. Our digital scanning services in Pretoria allow you to store your documents in digital form in a secure storage facility. This means that even if your building burns down or experiences a disaster, you will not lose your intellectual property that you have built up over the years.
  • Secure: Physical document storage facilities run the risk of unauthorised access to confidential documents. If you choose digital scanning and store your documents online or on a server, certain permission levels and access codes can be set up to ensure that no unauthorised individuals gain access to your information. It is a lot safer to store information in digital format because servers can be made secure and entry can be prohibited, whereas your document storage room probably will not be able to deliver the same level or security.


  • More convenient: Digital information is searchable and can be classified and shared. This means that you don’t have to wade through a room of files to locate a piece of information, and security levels can be set up in order for certain people to gain access and share information. It also makes international document sharing a lot easier. Often two similar departments in different countries belonging to the same company need to share information, and with digital scanning it is possible to provide a practical sharing solution for people that allow them access to a variety of documents.

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