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Are You Going Paperless? Choose our Top-class Document Scanning Company in Gauteng


In this age of information overload, it is becoming increasingly difficult, cumbersome and expensive to find storage for large volumes of paper files. Printing also leaves a large environmental footprint, and those who are moving with the times are now choosing paperless offices. But what do you do if you have masses of files on paper that you have to keep? How do you go about finding storage for these? The answer is easy – have them scanned by our document scanning company in Gauteng.


What is scanning?


In essence, a photograph of the content on the paper is captured with an image scanner and converted to a digital image. This means that it can be viewed on screen, emailed or forwarded to others and they can be indexed and filed like normal digital files. Scanning documents is enormously beneficial for businesses because:

  • They take up much less space than reams of paper files, and they cost very little to store. No more storage rooms needed for endless files;
  • Digital files (if managed properly) cannot be stolen by intruders;
  • Cloud storage makes it possible for these documents to be accessed by people from anywhere in the world who have access to the same system, and this makes interdepartmental sharing of documents that were previously on paper (such as legal documents) a lot easier;
  • Digital files are not damaged by floods or fires – providing of course that they are stored in a safe and secure manner off-site;
  • It is possible to index and categorise these digital scans to make them fully searchable and easy to locate. This means that instead of rummaging through boxes and boxes of paper files, you can locate them by performing a simple search on your computer.


How We can Help


Going paperless with Scan IT Africa, our document scanning company in Gauteng, is easy! We are used to dealing with high volumes of scanning and we provide an outstanding service that is not only reliable but also very safe and secure. In addition to document scanning we also provide other services such as roll film scanning, microfiche scanning, aperture card scanning and other related services. Because we believe in investing in modern technologies, we are in a position to convert virtually any type of data or paper into a digital format. Our high quality scanners produce extremely good imaging and our outstanding service ensures that our clients are always happy. If you are looking for a document scanning company in Gauteng, give our friendly team a call today.