Document Scanning


Why Scanning is Better Than Printing

In many offices, there is a corner stacked with unwanted documents. No one wants to take ownership, because underneath those piles of papers are a lot of work that must be done. Thankfully, technology makes it easy to turn your paper documents into digital files which can then be stored more efficiently and accessed from anywhere.

Below we give you a few reasons as to why you should stop printing and start scanning your document.


Quick Access to Documents


One of the biggest advantages of storing documents electronically is because it is easily accessible and retrievable. Unlike paper files taking hours to sort through manually, electronic files can be retrieved using keywords, included in either the file name or the content, no matter where the document is located.

Whether you have a storage disk, such as an external hard drive, or you have documents stored on a desk top or personal laptop, it is so much easier to type in a keyword or two in order to retrieve the required documents with a click of a button.


Clear Up Storage Space


Documents take up space, no doubt about it, and in today’s working environments where shared space is preferred, dedicated filing space for paper documents is a necessity. But with space at a premium and the cost of electronic storage getting cheaper every day, scanning paper documents into digital files is an effective solution to help your company save money.


Digitise Important Documents


Confidentiality and security are important issues when it comes to private documents. Storing sensitive information electronically does open up the possibility for documents to be hacked, but there are many security products and software on the market to help you protect your company’s private information. It is therefore fair to say that the advantages of digital documents outweigh having printed documents lying around the office and exposed to prying eyes.

At Scan IT, we know the stacked documents in the office corner all too well. We specialise in scanning printed documents into digital format so you can save space – and time – for more important things. We continue to be the frontrunners of the document scanning service industry.

We constantly deal with high volumes of scanning that is safe and secure. In addition, we also provide roll film scanning, microfiche scanning and other services to better your document filing systems. Let us take care of those stacks of paper, give our team a call so we can help your company to become more efficient.