Scanning Systems and Microfilm related definitions


Definition of Microfilm Jackets:

Jacketed film consists of 16mm and/or 35mm roll film, which is inserted into a chambered clear holder called a “jacket.” The jacketed film may be updated as needed and used as a master file. This master file can then be duplicated –producing microfiche as working copies.

Definition of Microfiche:

Microfiche consists of images developed on a solitary sheet of film. General methods of producing microfiche include creation from a Computer Output Microfilm (COM) recorder, a master jacket (as stated above), or from a step and repeat camera.

Definition of Aperture Cards:

Aperture cards are often used to store large documents such as engineering drawings or several related pages of a document. The information is reduced onto 35mm roll film and is inserted into an aperture card. Retrieval of aperture cards is by the keypunched access data recorded on each card.

Definition of Negative Microfilm:

Character will be reversed out of background (light characters on a dark background). This will produce “positive” black on white copies when sent to a computer or printer.

Definition of Positive Microfilm:

This is the reverse of negative film. This will produce “positive” black on white (The characters are dark on a light background) copies when sent to a computer or printer.

Definition of Computer Output Microfilm (COM):

Computer Output Microfilm (COM) is microfilm generated as the name implies, directly from computer tape. The tape is converted to an image on microfilm via a Computer Output Microfilm (COM) recorder. The paper printing step is eliminated.

Definition of Source Document Microfilm:

Source document microfilm is formed from existing hard copy documents. The documents are condensed to microfilm via a planetary, rotary, or step and repeat cameras.

Definition of COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk)

COLD is a system for archiving data such as business reports to optical disks in a compressed format. COLD systems make it unnecessary to archive reports in printed form and in some ways are easier to work with than microfiche. Often more than one million paper pages can be stored on a single 5 1/4 inch optical disk.