Digital Scanning


Scanit is a digital scanning and banner design company specialising in digital advertising. We are based in Pretoria, South Africa from where we do our digital scanning and design services. Scanit is one of the best companies dealing with multimedia advertising in and around South Africa, not only are we the best in waht we do but we also believe in delivering exceptional customer services to all our clients.


Scanning is the process where one takes a normal or hardcopy of an image or document so that it can be in a digital format , which means that the image or document can now be manupilated and edited on the computer, but for the digital scanning process to be successful you need to have the following equipment, a computer that has a scanner connected to it and most importantly you need to install software in the computer that will allow it to communicate with the scanner, otherwise youwill not succed.


After the image or document has been digitally scanned, then one can do a lot of things with it on the pc, but we at Scanit we create banners , and posters for advertising purposes like the huge images you nornally see on billboards. Digital scanning a lot of uses than the above mentioned, for example image printing on clothes, cars or other objects. In order for you to be able to work on and edit images you will need an image editing software that will allow you to change and adjust a lot of things on the image or even modify, for example do you have a photo that you love but then you do not like the surroundings or even a certain object on the photo, with this software you can take that object off or even change your surroundings.


At Scanit we always strive to bring our clients the best banner printing and design services in and around south africa and are also confident that we are one of the best companies where banner design and printing is concerned and not forgeting all the other services that we also offer to you.