Going Paperless with Effective Document Management Solutions from Scan IT Africa


Many South African companies are beginning to see the merit and added benefits of going paperless in their offices. There are many benefits to opting for digital document management solutions and turning your office into a paperless environment. If you have square metres of office space filled up with filing cabinets and drawers, taking up valuable space that you are paying rent on, then you can already start to see the merit of going paperless.

Why should your office embrace document management solutions for a paperless environment? There are many obvious reasons, including:

  • Saving on floor space: By not keeping hard copy records of your documents, you will not have to dedicate floor space to filing cabinets and racks. You also will not have to frustrate your staff with records management and searching through stacks of documents.


  • Take your documents where you go: With these management solutions, you can take your digital documents with you wherever you are. If your staff travels, they can keep all their records with them without slugging around hardcopies.
  • Save on paper costs: This is one of the obvious benefits, but still something worth mentioning. You will not have to print or duplicate countless copies of the same document since your staff will have access to it in a digital format across numerous platforms.


Partner with Scan IT Africa for Effective Document Management Solutions

At Scan IT Africa we will take care of all your document requirements. Our cutting edge scanning technology allows us to even scan wide drawings of 914mm x 20m. Our scanning bureau offers a comprehensive document management system. Your information will be scanned and converted to electronic format. This will make it easy for you to retrieve all your records from the desktop.

We have also developed and written our own processing software so as to bring our versatile solutions to our customers in the most economical and effective way possible. Our strengths lie in the fact we have always strived to understand and meet the requirements and needs of our clients. We will work with you to provide you with the leading solutions you need to turn your office into a paperless environment.

Contact Scan IT Africa to discuss all your document management requirements in greater detail. We look forward to helping you take your company into a paperless future!