Top Tips for Effective Scanning of Large Documents


Are you considering joining the evolution of using document scanning services to digitise your office? Smart business move. So many things can go wrong or get chaotic with a printed paper system. It is time to get rid of those old printed documents and start with your new paperless system. Here are some tips to help you start scanning all your large documents and get with the programme.


Box Your Documents


Make sure all your files are boxed up and categorised so they are ready for document scanning. Make as many boxes as you need to; it might seem a lot at first, but when it is digitised, you will have easy access to all your important documents. Boxing your large documents will ensure that all your documents are safely transported and easy to place in its keyword section.


Remove Staples and Paper Clips


It has important that you remove all staples and paper clips from your documents and make sure that no pages are accidentally omitted. Some scanning services also do this for you. If you choose to do it yourself, it will give you the time to sort through your documents to determine if all the files you have need to be scanned.


Keep Your Documents Clean


Try to avoid scanning papers that have been in contact with glue, as this could interfere with the scanning process. All manner of objects can become stuck in the machine and may slow down or stop the process. For example, rather stick to using tape on the side of your documents for all your receipts.


Straighten Everything Out


Unfold papers or receipts beforehand so everything is neat and ready to go. That way, nothing is missed or chopped off and you will not be left with missing information. If all your documents are neat, the your end product will look better in the end.

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