Scanning Documents


Using Document Scanning Technology in your Business

Some technologies are meant to revolutionise the way companies do business and one of these technologies is the scanner. There are many technologies that also rely on the scanner and for the scanning of documents. To name only a few of these technologies, email-to-fax and cloud storage services rely largely on scanning technology in order for the documents to be emailed and stored on cloud storage.


The main reason that so many companies rely on scanning documents is due to the reason that it helps them to be more efficient. If you take a hospital for instance, how many paper forms and documents do patients have to fill out on a daily basis? These documents can only remain on file in the filing cabinet for so long before they start taking up space. This is why modern hospitals will contract a document scanning company to bulk scan all their documents onto the system, storing it on the network and leaving them with more space for newly admitted patient documents and records.

Scanning of documents also helps companies to adopt a paperless operational environment, which many South African companies are already striving towards.

Owing to the success of email and email-to-fax as well as cloud storage services, many people and companies have already reached their goal of achieving an entirely paperless environment and reducing their carbon footprint on our planet. We at Scan IT Africa are here to assist our clients in becoming more efficient and productive and to assist them in their paper management requirements. We are proud of the impact that our services have made for large and respected South African companies like Sasol and Eskom, to name only a few.

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