Wide Format Scanner


Don’t Have Your Own Wide Format Scanner? Let Scan IT Africa Help You with Your Document Management Needs


Do you work with large documents or plans? Do you struggle to copy and share them with other team members, clients or service providers? Any company without a large format scanner at their disposal will not be able to effectively manage large documents. Wide format scanners offer users 4 main functions as follows:

  • Electronically capture and archive large documents.
  • Scan, make a copy and print a copy of both large and small format documents.
  • Scan, email and share large documents.
  • Edit and enhance both small and large documents.


Of course, these functions can be invaluable to your business, but without access to your own wide format scanner, you could find yourself having to keep files and storage cabinets stashed full of your important and potentially sensitive information. The expense of owning, operating and maintaining a wide format printer might not be viable for your business.


At Scan IT Africa, we make things simple for our clients. When you need to manage large format documents – whether it is to replicate, store or print – we have the solution for you. Our state-of-the-art wide format scanners will quickly and easily make light work of document management needs, allowing you the convenience of freeing up floor and storage space, and giving you peace of mind, knowing that your documents are safely stored and protected.


At Scan IT Africa, we believe that the quality of the final product or end result speaks volumes about our business. For this reason, we only make use of Wicks and Wilson Microfilm scanners. This guarantees a top quality end result – one that won’t let you down either.

With our wide format scanning and conversions, we can work with documents up to the size of 914mm in width and up to 20m in length. We are willing to tackle any document management task – big or small – and will ensure that the final scanned, copied or printed document is of a clear and decent quality, for future reference. We can supply the scanned documents to you in digital format and also store a copy for safe keeping, if you require it.


Do you want to benefit from the service of a well-maintained and efficient wide format scanner? Take the time to learn more about our scanning, printing and storing services at Scan IT Africa. We are available via email and telephone, and look forward to assisting you further with your needs and requirements.