Wide Format Scanner


Do You Need a Wide-format Scanner to Scan your Documents?


Businesses everywhere are starting to move from paper files to scanned, digital files. Not only is it a much more effective way of storing documents, it also saves a lot of costly storage space and provides a quicker way to locate documents in the filing system. Large-format documents such as building plans are very hard to store effectively as they often take up a lot of space. Searching through hundreds of stored rolls can take a long time, and scanning them into a digital format is now more important than ever.

However, they can be difficult to scan.


Not everyone has a wide-format scanner, and often it is not practical to purchase one. It makes more sense to outsource the scanning, but even these suppliers often do not have the right scanners for the job. We have a range of wide-format scanners that are perfect for any job. We are able to scan all your large-format documents such as architectural plans, large images or anything else that will require a wide-format scanner. We also take all the hassle out of scanning – instead of your employees wasting time scanning all your documents, we do it for you!

Take advantage of the following benefits when you turn your paper files into digital format:

  • No storage needed for rolls of plans: We know that plans or large documents are not easy to store, and that storage space now comes at a premium. If you digitise these documents, they are stored on your network or even in the cloud, and this means that you do not have to spend money on extra storerooms in the office.
  • Better safety and security: If you digitise your files, you can upload them onto secure servers and even password-protect them to provide access security. Uploading them to a network or the cloud also provides added protection against threats that would otherwise damage paper files, such as flood, fire or even fading over time.
  • Easy to search and find: Because digital files can easily be searched on a computer, it will allow you to locate the files you need much more quickly.
  • Easy to share documents: Even if you are on two different continents, sharing information on a digital platform is easy. Companies with different branches often have staff working on the same documents as part of a project, and digital format enables crucial files to be shared without having to courier paper copies from one location to another.


If you need a wide-format scanner for your documents, we should be your first port of call. To find out more, give our friendly team at Scan IT Africa a call today!