Engineering Scans


Data Capture and Engineering scans are offered by Scan which is based in Aston Manor in Kempton Park. We offer scanning and digitizing services to all industries. For the storage of large documents, such as engineering scans newspapers scans, legal documents, we recommend a scan to 35mm Roll Film. The roll film can be cut and inserted into jackets, aperture cards, or may be left in roll form for retrieval.


Aperture Cards are frequently used to store large documents scans such as engineering scans or several related pages of a document. The information is reduced onto 35mm roll film and is inserted into an aperture card. Retrieval of aperture cards is by the keypunched access data recorded on each card.


There are obvious benefits to having archive documents in digital format:

  • Increased speed of retrieval
  • No further degradation of originals
  • Dramatically reduced storage space
  • Editing of images in some CAD packages
  • Improved security
  • Ease of printing digital images
  • Electronic distribution of images
  • Images are converted onto easy-to-manage compressed TIFF Group 4 images.
  • Images can be stored on hard drive and backed up on CD. One CD can hold between 2000-3000 images.
  • One set of CD's is used as a working copy and other sets should be stored in a secure area.
  • The User will be able to locate images in seconds using any number of customizable search fields.
  • The image can then be printed, E-Mailed; red-lined or have annotations attached for communication purposes.


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