Information Systems


Scanit is a company based in South Africa which deals with the provision of document and information systems. Information systems is an essential service, which is made available in South Africa, therefore information systems and electronic document management is a much sought-after service.


Information systems is the study of how to use information systems effectively in managing a business. There are constantly new advancements, most recently in the areas of electronic, mobile and Internet commerce where businesses are competing in the "new" economy. A global environment in which the use of information systems is vital in order to manage the information flows which connect the business to all environmental elements. Information systems are aimed at the use of computer systems as a tool in business.


Digital Archiving of documents

Scan IT is one of South Africa's leading suppliers of digital Document scanning and digital scanning equipment.

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When you are interested in the use of computer systems as a tool in business and the business value that information and information systems can facilitate for an organisation.